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"Sponsor an Elder"



FREE "Memory Players"
-for Elders in Need


Making "Alive Inside" we saw too many elders living alone and lonely at home.

We felt their loneliness and wanted to help.  

Loneliness is a symtom of culture breaking down.  
In 1980 20% of Americans named loneliness as a major problem,
today, that number has grown to 40%.  

12.5 million older people live alone (8.8 million women, 3.8 million men).
They need connection!

Filmmaker, Michael Rossato-Bennett, designed the "Memory Player"
High quality, and inexpensive enough to be given away,
they are the only "no-cord" MP3 player that two people can listen to at the same time!

Our youth Volunteers are standing by- waiting to connect with these elders.  
Help them give a gift of connection and music.  
They need to ease the Elder's loneliness and their own too.

Music is wisdom without words- 
It opens our minds!
It reminds us we are songs,
vibratory oceans,
fueled by Sunshine!"   -MRB

DONATE- Your $25 Donation gives a volunteer- online training and an "All-in-One Headset" to give to an elder in need (living at home).  
100% of your donation goes to giving FREE "Memory Players" and inspiring human connection.  
This project helps instill empathy skills and empathy ambitions in our next generation.

Do you know an elder who needs help?  


This is the story of Mary, Carolyn, and Chloe:




Hal wrote us and asked for help- one of our volunteers helped! 
How could we refuse this sweet man? 


Stay tuned-  The #Empathy Revolution is gaining speed!!